HOw to PLAY!

#1. Break into two Teams:

Divide into teams with a minimum of two players on each team. Alternate players around a circle so that each player is seated next to a member of the other team. The play moves counter-clockwise.

#2. Start the timer + Play

Start the timer and draw a card, now get your team to guess the word on the card without saying the word on the card OR acting the card out. Once your team guesses the card, the play immediately moves to a player from the other team. When the timer goes off the guessing team puts the card into the “dead cards” pile. The timer is started and a new round begins


After the person gets his or her team to guess their word, the play moves counterclockwise to the next team. As soon as one team finishes, the next team can begin immediately (the other team should be paying attention so they are ready to go). This continues rotating back and forth until the time on the timer runs out.

*First team to guess 21 Cards correct wins*

Still have questions? Check out the full rules here.

HOw to film!

Below watch the video on how to shoot as well as find some screen shots to help!

dos vs don'ts

Still not sure how to shoot? Please feel free to reach out to your FOS rep with any questions!

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