Some of our words are...unique, if you weren't able to figure out what they all meant online, we've put a list of the commonly unknown words below...enjoy?!   

Asian Glow 

The phenomenon in which an Asian person turns red after a small amount of alcohol consumption. 

 Carol only needs half a shot before she gets a bad case of the asian glow 

 credit: "Bungalow Bill"/urban dictionary

Attention whore 

Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter. 

You're such a GD attention whore! 

 credit: "Jonny_B"/urban dictionary


Donald Trump's ignorant way of saying something is very big.

DonaldTrump does not think bigly. 

credit: "PastelCacti"/urban dictionary


The act of throwing an object into a women's cleavage (boobs), as if you were playing basketball and the hoop was the cleavage. Boob + basketball = Boob-scaball. 

Woah  you threw that ice cube into my shirt from across the room, you're so good at boob-scaball. 

credit: "Nate_cp"


A women's swim-suit which is acceptable for public bathing in Muslim countries. 

You look so hot in this burkini! 

credit:"Chitex"/urban dictionary    

Community Bike

One who establishes friendship within a group of friends with the only intent being to fuck each and every one of them.Also, an individual who once serves no purpose gets passed onto the next poor soul. 

Yo man, you've had your fun...I think its best you return that community bike back to the circle. 

credit:"Biberek"/urban dictionary

No No Square

A part of the body (mainly referring to the vagina/penis) that would be inappropriate for someone else to touch. 


 credit:"Nonbunary"/urban dictionary


Man-pon: a tightly wound paper towel or toilet paper approximately 6 inches in length that is placed between the ass cheeks to prevent... leakage. Developed in the mid-90's in response to the use of "O-lean" vegetable oil substitute which caused anal leakage in many subjects. When "O-lean" was no longer found in food products, the Man-Pon was nearly eradicated from the shelves until recently with the emergence of "Alli" a supplement that is taken for weightloss which causes a person to bypass all fats through their GI tract, resulting in a drippy anus. 

I have diarrhea and allergies... I should put in a Man-Pon to prevent any accidents from sneezing. 

credit:"NotMacklSwear"/urban dictionary

Poop Chute

The anus or ass hole. And this happens to be the correct spelling of said word. because this is the chute, or tube, from which the poop, or shit, leaves the body. 

I took a huge dump and now my poop chute hurts so bad. 

credit:"m00p"/urban dictionary


Any female, especially affiliated with a sorority, that exhibits the behavior patterns of a "slut." With the added traits of lack of inhibitions and outgoing presentation of their "slutness." The sloot will know that she's a slut... but won't care. Also may be the focus of a "Sloot Hunt." 

Hey Tom! Let's go hunt some sloots outside of Wawa. 

credit:"JofKB"/urban dictionary


When you drive around with your friends and smoke marijuana. Preferably a blunt or spliff while the car is in motion, with the windows down. 

Yo I just rolled a mean blunt, lets go take an L- ride 

credit:"Jack Torse"/urban dictionary

Lobster backs

An archaic slur for a British person - still used humorously today (British Army used to wear red coats - lobsters are red). 

American : Look a dirty Lobster back. 

credit:"frick1"/urban dictionary

Moose Knuckles

A man's version of a camel toe. The result of wearing spandex, or pants that are way too tight--resulting in an unsightly bulge of his junk. 

Check out the moose knucks on that freak! 

credit:"chad yazzells"/urban dictionary

Rain Coat

A term old people use for condoms. 

Sonny who uses rain coats? 

credit:"yahooomaniac"/urban dictionary


When it looks like you have one massive breast. This usally happens when a girl wears a sports bra or one of those tank tops with the shelf bra. 

The guys at the Gym like to stare at my uniboob. 

credit:"Emily Z."/urban dictionary